Language policy

The minimum language requirement for incoming participants is level B1 in CERF. The potential participant can present certified evidence of their level of achievement or can send a proof of having passed a language exam as part of the curricula in their home institution at the required level. If an incoming student is unable to present such a proof, they are obliged to have a Skype interview with one of our language teachers so that their knowledge of English can be assessed or their language skills will be tested upon their arrival by one of our English teachers in form of oral interview. All mobile participants wishing to improve their language skills during their mobile period at the College for Hotel Management will be allowed to attend regular foreign language classes of their choice free of charge.

The official language of instruction and examination at CHM is Serbian. Our language professors will organize courses in the Serbian language with a two-hour fund per week at two teaching units, starting from the basic A1 level. The lectures will take place in the premises of our College, in the afternoon, in order to maximally adjust the timetable to students’ obligations. The concept of work is in smaller groups with a subject on the intercultural communicative approach in order to make the language closer to the learners more authentic language in real conversational situations. For students who need training in some other languages, direct contact is available and the provision of timely information with leading certified institutions.

Mobile participants coming from former Yugoslavian republics can choose Serbian as the language of instruction and examination if they feel the Serbian language would not be a barrier to their successful completion of their mobile activities.

The College for Hotel Management offers also individual tuition for outgoing participants (students, academic and non-academic staff) who have not attained the minimum language proficiency required by the receiving institution (B1 level on the common European framework scale) or wish to further improve their language skills. Obtaining international qualification documents (TOEFL/IELTS certificate) however, is the responsibility of the outgoing member herself/himself as the College is not an accredited examination centre. In case some other proof of language competence is required, our English teachers will be anyway responsible for giving additional support and lessons.

For all professors and students who take part in the exchange and go abroad, we will organize English language courses with a mandatory fund of 2 double weeks per week, and if necessary more. Teaching will take place in the premises of the school, and our professors from English will use our knowledge of foreign languages and textbooks, which are also preparing for official exams and obtaining recognized certificates. In the case of the need for other languages, our qualified professors of German, French and Russian will also hold additional language teaching with a dual-tier two-week course so that professors and students can train themselves to be more sovereign in the target language.