About us

The College of Hotel Management is a public college, founded in 1974 as a high school and has long represented the highest level of education in the hotel industry in Serbia and the wider region. It has continually improved its curricula and programs in accordance with those of the related institutions of the most developed countries: Switzerland, France, the UK, Holland, the USA, etc.

Until 2002, the College had a two-year higher education course in the following areas: Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Pastry and Gastronomy, and since 2002 applied studies of higher education that last three years.

In 2007, the College successfully completed the accreditation process, thus obtaining the status of a higher education institution in accordance with the Law on Higher Education (Certificate No. 612-00-1194 / 2006-04 of 02.06.2007 and the license for work number: 612-00 -916 / 2007-04). All three study programs were then accredited.

In 2012, the College, in accordance with the law, renewed the accreditation of the institution and all three study programs: Hotel Management, Restaurant Management and Gastronomy.

A specific system of practical teaching (1640 hours through three years of study) as part of the overall teaching process is realized in small groups in renowned hotels and restaurants of Belgrade, Serbia, Montenegro, England, France, Greece, Russia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia , Macedonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Switzerland, Turkey, Mexico and the United States.

Since its founding to date, the College’s program concept is a good mix of theory and practice that enables graduates to quickly get involved in the work processes of the industry, that is, in production, service and managerial jobs.

The experience and knowledge gained in this dynamic teaching process, which is being implemented in a vast number of hotels and restaurants of different locations, types, cultures, organization and structures, as well as staff and guests, enables students to gain international mobility and fast employment.

Our common mission is in short: creativity, aesthetics, faster innovations in the hotel industry, new arrangements for the traditional hotel-catering offer, time-machines of this region as a tourist attraction, new events, new forms and research tasks in the future. According to the Serbian Development Strategy, tourism and hotel industry provide prospective jobs with great possibility of opening new permanent sites and creating new internationally competitive products and services.

Our joint mission is the research initiative and designing the key challenges of creating a new image of the TOURISTICALLY ATTRACTIVE SERBIA.

The school has an R & D Research Center – RIC, which gathers many domestic and foreign experts from this field. In the RIC plan there are several attractive projects that will include students. On the road to European integration, we combine traditional values ​​with the needs of our time and standards of a unified educational space, so that the College continues to strengthen its integrity, recognition, competitiveness and developmental abilities.

The College has a developed network of partners including international and domestic hotel and catering companies. They provide professional practice and work for students (internships), thus contributing to the high quality of the program. The College concludes contracts on business cooperation with them, which then makes them a teaching, or expert base of the College.

Programs of professional practice are realized in: Serbia, Greece, Russia, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, France, Montenegro, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Malta, Republic of Srpska, Great Britain, Mexico, China, Albania and the United States. Parts of the practical lessons from the applied professional courses are realized in the catering facilities of Belgrade.

We are well-known for our dynamic international cooperation. We are a member of the following international associations: AEHT (Association Europeenne des Ecoles d’Hotellerie et Tourisme-Diekirch, Luxembourg), AMFORTH (Associаtion Mondiale pour la Formation Hoteliere et Touristiwue Montmorency, France), ATLAS (Association for Tourism and Tourism Leisure Education-Arnhem, Netherlands) and International CHRIE (Council on the Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education). In October 2014 we hosted European championships and annual AEHT conferences with participation representatives from 32 European countries.

We maintain continuous cooperation with related schools and faculties in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Slovenia and Macedonia, via student exchange, professional practice and participation in congresses. So far, about 200 foreign students have completed professional practice in our country, and on average 500 students of the College acquire practical experience abroad each year.

Since 2003 we have successfully organized seven international congresses of hotel management – HOTELPLAN, with the aim of gathering the experts in the field of hotel industry and facilitating the process of information exchange. We organize congresses under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, as well as with the support of the Tourist Organization of Serbia.

In accordance with the Law on Higher Education, the College was successfully accredited in 2007 (Certificate No. 612-00-1194 / 2007-04 of 02.06.2007. year and a work permit number 612-00-916 / 2007-04 dated 2 October 2007) and acquired the status of a higher education institution. At that time, the accredited study programs were Hotel Management, Restaurant Management and Gastronomy. Accreditation is not permanent so it is the duty of the College to carry out this process within the deadlines set by law and it did so for the first time in 2012 and the second time in 2017.

The College performs a regular process of self-evaluation and in this way controls and improves the quality of existence. Reports of self-evaluation are posted on our web site.

Basic vocational studies are first-level higher education studies, lasting for three school years and carry

180 ECTS points. Depending on the completion of the programs (Hotel Management, Restaurant Management or Gastronomy), graduate students gain one of the following titles:

  • Bachelor (appl.) in Hotel Management
  • Bachelor (appl.) in Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor (appl.) in Gastronomy Management